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Top 3 Ways to Entertain Children at a Wedding

Top 3 Ways to Entertain Children at a Wedding

Weddings are joyous celebrations that bring together family and friends, but they can also be long and tedious for young children. Keeping the little ones entertained ensures a smoother, more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here are the top three ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding:

Personalized Coloring Tablecloth

A personalized coloring tablecloth is a creative and engaging activity that can keep children ( and even adults) occupied for hours. Here’s how to incorporate this into your wedding:

  • Design: Choose a wedding coloring tablecloth design that includes wedding-related themes such as flowers, rings, and the couple’s names. 
  • Materials: Provide plenty of washable markers or crayons in various colors.
  • Setup: Designate a specific table or area for the coloring activity. Ensure there are enough seats and space for the kids to comfortably draw and color.
  • Interactive Element: Include blank spaces where children can draw their own pictures or write messages to the newlyweds. This adds a personal touch and makes the children feel like they’re contributing to the celebration.

Not only does this activity keep children entertained, but it also creates a memorable keepsake for the couple to cherish.

2. Outdoor Games and Activities

If your wedding venue has an outdoor space, setting up a play area with various games and activities can be a hit with the kids. Consider the following options:

  • Classic Games: Set up games like sack races, bean bag toss, hula hoops, and giant Jenga. These activities are simple, require minimal supervision, and can entertain children of all ages.
  • Craft Station: Provide a craft station with supplies for making wedding-themed crafts. Kids can create their own party hats, decorate mini photo frames, or make friendship bracelets.
  • Bubbles and Balloons: A bubble station with bubble wands and solution can be a lot of fun. Additionally, having a balloon artist to create balloon animals and shapes can captivate the kids and keep them entertained.

Having a variety of outdoor games ensures that children can move around and expend energy while having a great time.

3. Kid-Friendly Entertainment

Hiring a professional to provide kid-friendly entertainment can be a lifesaver. Here are a few ideas:

  • Magician: A magician can perform a show with tricks, jokes, and interactive elements that engage children and make them laugh.
  • Face Painting: A face painter can create beautiful and fun face paint designs, transforming children into their favorite characters or animals.
  • Storytelling or Puppet Show: A storyteller or puppeteer can captivate children with enchanting stories or puppet performances that transport them to magical worlds.

Professional entertainers can provide a structured activity that keeps children engaged and gives parents a chance to relax and enjoy the celebration.


Keeping children entertained at a wedding doesn’t have to be challenging. By incorporating a personalized coloring tablecloth or even coloring placemats, setting up outdoor games, and hiring kid-friendly entertainers, you can ensure that the little guests have a fantastic time. These activities not only make the wedding more enjoyable for children but also create a more relaxed and festive atmosphere for everyone.

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