About Us

It all started when…

Our son wanted some brick themed crayons. Being a mom of 4 kiddos, and a home school mom at that, the challenge was on! We quickly saw how excited other people got over the creatively made crayons we had up-cycled and our wheels started turning. One thing led to another and before we knew it, the kids had named us 'Creative Crayons Workshop' -kind of like Santa's Workshop, only our little people make crayons instead of toys.

Every crayon we make is with our very own hands from the process of peeling the up-cycled crayons to the labels on our packaging. We love to customize, personalize and make unique products to remember!

Coloring is not only for kids. Our crayons are now making memorable additions as wedding favors, corporate gifts and creative party favors to name a few. The sky really is the limit when you start to think outside the box- the crayon box that is! Send us a message with your idea and we will do our best to get your hands on it! Wholesale and bulk orders are welcomed also, just send us an email to inquire. Thank you for cheering us on!!

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