About Us

It all started when…

We were challenged to make something from nothing; a trash to treasure project of sorts. Being a homeschool mom of 4 small children who loved coloring, Shannon Bennett always had broken crayons around the house. Shannon and her kids peeled, melted and repurposed those cast away crayons, reviving them into a new, fun, toy-like shape which is how Shannon fell backwards into the business of coloring, known as Creative Crayons Workshop.

The brand has been quick to receive a playful reputation for creative fun, as Shannon began designing coloring tablecloths for various holidays and celebrations. From retail stores to a monthly subscription and endless birthday parties in between, these uniquely themed coloring designs are bringing more and more families around the table together to fulfill their desires of creativity and connection, through the art of coloring.

Some of the most popular coloring designs have been the Road Map created for both coloring and creative play where kids can color the path their toy cars will then roll down, and the Custom Design option which allows moms to have a design created to match their child's birthday party theme. Being a 'Mom Made' brand is a badge of honor Creative Crayons Workshop wears proudly. Every coloring design is made with the heart of families in mind, designed to promote not only creativity but relational, screen-free fun as well.