What is the difference between the personalized coloring designs and customized?

A personalized order is a coloring design that we have already created and are adding a name and/or age to. A customized design is one we are creating especially for you with your specified images and any other details.

Can you print in various sizes?

Yes! We can print in the following widths: 17, 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches. The length can be anything you desire. If you need customized size pricing, please email us at support@creativecrayonsworkshop.com

**Please make note of all shipping time frames from graphic in listing**

Do you sell a stand for the coloring wall?

The coloring wall pictures we have shared are from various parties that customers and event planners have either built themselves or hired out to be constructed. We do not sell the stand for our coloring designs to attach to but the printed coloring designs only.

Can you incorporate specific images and logos?

If you have images/logos that are in true layered SVG format, EPS or AI files, we can incorporate them into your design. Please email the image to support@creativecrayonsworkshop.com so that we can verify the image formatting first. We cannot use jpg images.

Do you offer your products digitally so that I can print myself?

Yes, digital files are a great last minute option if you have something coming up sooner than we can ship it to you! Email us at support@creativecrayonsworkshop.com for assistance with digital files.

How do I access my subscription account to change details or cancel?

Click on the Subscription tab at the top of our home page and then Subscription Account beneath that tab. Log in to your account and make changes as needed.