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A Guide to Hosting a 'Young, Wild, and Three' Birthday Bash!

A Guide to Hosting a 'Young, Wild, and Three' Birthday Bash!

Moms, get ready to embark on a wild adventure as your little one turns three! The "Young, Wild, and Three" birthday theme is perfect for celebrating your energetic toddler's special day. With a blend of vibrant colors, playful decor, and a touch of wilderness, this theme guarantees a roaring good time for both boys and girls. Dive into this guide for a step-by-step journey on how to throw an unforgettable 'Young, Wild, and Three' birthday party that will leave your child and guests roaring for more! 🎉🦁 #youngwildandthreebirthday

young wild and three safari birthday party


Set the stage for the wild festivities with decorations that scream "Young, Wild, and Three!" Incorporate a mix of jungle and safari elements – think lush greenery, animal prints, and safari animals like lions, elephants, and zebras. Hang banners with the birthday hashtag, #youngwildandthreebirthday, to capture those Instagram-worthy moments. Consider creating a wild photo booth area with animal masks and props for the little ones to unleash their wild side.


Build excitement from the start by sending out invitations that match the theme. Craft adorable invites featuring jungle animals, vibrant colors, and, of course, the hashtag #youngwildandthreebirthday. Include essential details like the date, time, and location, and encourage guests to dress in safari-inspired outfits to add an extra layer of fun to the celebration.

young wild and three birthday party decor

Cake and Treats:

The centerpiece of any birthday party is the cake! Opt for a show-stopping cake adorned with wild animals and foliage. Consider cupcakes with animal toppers or cookies shaped like jungle creatures. Create a sweets table with a mix of colorful candies, popcorn, and snacks in animal-shaped containers. A wild-themed cake not only satisfies sweet cravings but also serves as a focal point for memorable snapshots.

Activities and Games:

Keep the little ones entertained with a variety of engaging activities and games. Set up a DIY animal mask station where kids can unleash their creativity and design their own wild masks. Plan a treasure hunt for hidden safari toys or organize a "pin the tail on the lion" game for some classic fun. Incorporate a "Wild and Three" coloring tablecloth that can be personalized with the birthday boy or girl's name!

safari coloring tablecloth

Party Favors:

Send your guests home with a piece of the wild adventure by providing themed party favors. Consider items like animal figurines, jungle stickers, or personalized water bottles adorned with the #youngwildandthreebirthday hashtag. These keepsakes will not only be cherished by the little ones but also serve as a reminder of the roaring good time they had at the party.


With the 'Young, Wild, and Three' birthday theme, you're all set to create a memorable celebration that captures the essence of your child's boundless energy and playful spirit. From decorations to activities and treats, every element can be infused with the wild theme, ensuring a roaring success. So, moms, let the wild festivities begin, and get ready to witness your little one's eyes light up with joy as they embark on this thrilling adventure! 🦓🎈 #youngwildandthreebirthday

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