How to Throw an Unforgettable St. Patrick's Day Party for Kids

How to Throw an Unforgettable St. Patrick's Day Party for Kids

How to Throw an Unforgettable St. Patrick's Day Party for Kids

St. Patrick's Day isn't just for adults to enjoy; it's also a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories for children. Hosting a St. Patrick's Day party for kids can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate Irish culture and create a festive atmosphere for the whole family. From decorations to activities and tasty treats, here's a guide on how to throw an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day party that will delight children of all ages.

st patricks day party for kids

1. Set the Scene with Festive Decorations

The first step in planning a St. Patrick's Day party for kids is to set the scene with festive decorations. Think green, gold, and rainbows! Deck out your party space with a St. Patrick's Day coloring tablecloth full of shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold. Don't forget the green balloons and streamers. You can also add a touch of whimsy with rainbow-colored banners and clover-shaped confetti scattered on tables.

2. Plan Fun and Engaging Activities

Keep the little leprechauns entertained with a variety of St. Patrick's Day-themed activities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Shamrock Crafts: Set up a crafting station where kids can make their own shamrock decorations using green construction paper, markers, glitter, and stickers. You can also provide materials to create leprechaun hats or rainbow windsocks.

  • Treasure Hunt: Organize a St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt with clues leading to hidden pots of gold (chocolate coins or other treats) around the party venue. Kids will love following the clues and searching for their treasure at the end of the rainbow.

  • Irish Dancing: Put on some traditional Irish music and teach the kids a few simple Irish dance steps. Encourage them to get moving and have fun trying out new dance moves.

  • Leprechaun Photo Booth: Create a DIY photo booth with props like green hats, glasses, and shamrock necklaces. Let the kids strike a pose and capture memories of the day with fun St. Patrick's Day-themed photos.

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3. Serve St. Patrick's Day Treats

No party is complete without delicious treats, and St. Patrick's Day offers plenty of opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Here are some kid-friendly treats that are sure to be a hit:

  • Shamrock Cookies: Bake sugar cookies in the shape of shamrocks and let the kids decorate them with green frosting and sprinkles.

  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Thread slices of colorful fruit (like strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, and blueberries) onto skewers to create rainbow fruit kebabs. Serve with a side of yogurt or whipped cream for dipping.

  • Leprechaun Punch: Mix up a batch of green punch using lemon-lime soda, pineapple juice, and lime sherbet. Add a few drops of green food coloring for an extra festive touch.

  • Pot of Gold Cupcakes: Bake chocolate cupcakes and top them with swirls of gold-colored frosting (made by mixing yellow food coloring with vanilla frosting). Add a sprinkle of edible gold glitter or a chocolate coin on top to represent a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

4. Encourage Dress-Up and Green Attire

Encourage guests to come dressed in their finest St. Patrick's Day attire. From green shirts and hats to shamrock accessories and rainbow socks, the options are endless. You can even award prizes for the best-dressed leprechaun or most creative costume to add an extra element of fun to the party.

st patricks day party for kids

5. Send Guests Home with Goodie Bags

End the party on a high note by sending guests home with St. Patrick's Day-themed goodie bags filled with treats and trinkets. Include items like green candies, stickers, temporary tattoos, and mini pots of gold (chocolate coins) as a token of appreciation for attending the celebration.


Hosting a St. Patrick's Day party for kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday and create lasting memories with family and friends. With festive decorations, engaging activities, delicious treats, and plenty of green attire, your St. Patrick's Day celebration is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. So put on your greenest outfit, gather your little leprechauns, and get ready for a day of fun and laughter in honor of St. Patrick's Day!