USA Patriotic Table Cover

Type: Posters

Ready to make American History FUN? Celebrate the 4th of July?!

This GIANT USA-themed table cover/poster opens up great conversation about United States symbols, landmarks, significant dates, American cuisine, and more!!!

Grab your most colorful markers, crayons and colored pencils and let the artistic vibes flow as you and your kiddos color together day after day. Who knew red, white, and blue could be mashed up in so many cool ways?!? Since coloring has scientifically been proven to relax our minds, this is a perfect after-school activity to engage in together while you talk about your day.

BONUS TIP: These make for a great coloring station at your kid's upcoming classroom parties as they are perfect for girls and boys of all ages!

Jumbo Size Measuring 6ft x 3ft

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Boyer
Darling table cloth!

What a fun creative idea! I love it!

Jackie B
It's so simple and so effective!!

When I unfolded this coloring page and laid it out on the floor, my kids (ages 4 and 7) gravitated toward it and were so anxious for me to get the water for the watercoloring they couldn't wait to do. The happiness in their voices were priceless. It warmed my heart. My daughter couldn't help but be so proud of herself with the way it was turning out. She had to show me everything. My son was also enjoying himself and we stayed up much later than anticipated. It is so great to come together, get quiet, concentrate, listen to your thoughts, focus, unwind, and share with each other. I HIGHLY recommend a giant coloring page in everyone's home!